Experience the difference

We believe the right dentures can not only improve your smile, but more importantly your overall health, as well as have a positive impact on your life. We are proud to offer high quality dentures and partials at affordable prices custom made to fit your needs. With our in office denture lab we offer fast service for all dentures & partials. Your dentures are specifically designed and fabricated for you by our dentist and denture technician. Your dentures are made on site which results in fast, accurate and affordable service.

First Time with Dentures?

There is no need to be without teeth when the time comes for dentures at Valley Dental. With our immediate denture placement, and impression and bite registration of you natural teeth is taken. Using this model of your mouth, our on-site laboratory technician will custom fabricate your denture(s) focusing on comfort, function & esthetics. When your remaining natural teeth are removed, your denture(s) will be placed immediately. With immediate denture placement, certain follow-up visits will be necessary. Denture adjustments and temporary or soft relines are common following initial denture placement, and may be required periodically. These follow-up services are included in the price of your immediate denture for 6 months.

A permanent reline or rebase should be done six months after your extractions.

Whether you are in need of new dentures or partials, a reline or repair, or are even just considering your options, we can help. We offer same day service for most repairs & relines. We are confident that you will be pleased with your experience, as our main priority is your comfort & satisfaction.

  • The Flexible Partial

    An alternative to metal based dentures. It’s a flexible acrylic based partial that gives you added comfort and fit. They are strong, durable and typically resistant to chemical deterioration.

  • The Flipper Partial

    An acrylic based partial used to replace one tooth. Can be used as an immediate replacement for a missing tooth, but should not be used as a permanent denture.

  • The Cast Partial

    Typically a more rigid and permanent style of denture. Stronger, less bulky, and is a great fit due to the teeth needing to be slightly altered before being attached, so the denture can rest upon the teeth without interfering with your bite. The largest single advantage being that sore spots are less of an issue because of the extensions almost never coming in contact with the soft oral tissue with any force.

  • The Acrylic Partial

    An acrylic base in which the denture teeth are set and are attached to your natural teeth with small metal clasps. They are cost effective and can be made in a short period of time. They can also be relined and added to, if you lose any more natural teeth.

The Natural Choice

  • Seven Year Warranty
  • Featuring unrivaled teeth with optimum blending for realistic esthetics
  • Virtually unlimited shade and mold selections
  • Uncompromised translucency, blending & natural esthetics for life-like appearance
  • Special fibered high impact acrylic for a realistic gul-like appearance with maximum strength & durability
  • Natural gum carving with gingival gum tone
  • Rugae for the natural feel of your palate
  • Polished & high shine accented finish for optimum esthetics
  • Precise, flawless craftsmanship for ultimate function & esthetics