Christmas Time Oral Holiday Health

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Candy canes, sugar cookies, gingerbread houses… and CAVITIES!

Not to sound like a Grinch, but this is the time of the year where folks all across America are eating the most sugar— and where there’s a spike in sugar intake, putting those pearly whites in peril. All of this can be avoided by following a few simple steps though,

1- Brush and floss after every meal.

2- Try not to eat those delicious treats every time you walk past a dish.

3- Don’t eat before bed.

4- Eggnog is a season staple, but making sure you drink more water is good for your teeth and entire body.

5- Floss after eating those sticky, gummy, or chewy foods. If you don’t the space between your teeth will be their new home for far too long.

6- those plastic packages are begging to be ripped open with your teeth. Don’t listen to them! Getting that new game controller out of the package can wait, get scissors or a knife. Your teeth could crack or chip, and that would be worse than getting coal in your stocking.

7- Bring floss to the holiday parties. You can get bits of food out from in-between your chompers, and it’s a great conversation starter.

8- If you indulge in alcoholic beverages, opt for the light or clear varieties. Darker colored liquors are working hard to dim the lights on you thousand watt smile.

And then, when the presents have been unwrapped and the in-laws are gone, schedule a cleaning with us. We’ll make sure that you have the best looking grin going into the new year!

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