Choosing a Dentist

A dentist is a long-term partner in the care of your mouth, so choosing a dentist that you are comfortable with is very important.
Here at Valley Dental we know that patient trust is important, so before choosing a dentist take a look at some of these helpful tips.

Find out the office hours.

If the office hours don’t work for your schedule, try choosing a dentist office that works better for you. Going to the dentist is often stressful enough, so finding one that fits better to your schedule is much more convenient.
Valley Dental Hours:
Mon – Thu: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Fri: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

How far is the office from home and work?

Traveling distance can really make a difference.  Having an office that is local to your home and work can reduce the stress of fitting a visit into your busy schedule.

What’s the dentist’s approach to preventive dentistry?

This is an important conversation to have with your dentist.   We always want our clients to know our approach to excellent oral health.

What type of anesthesia is the dentist certified to administer to help you relax and feel more comfortable during any necessary dental treatment?

It is very important to know what type of medicines and anesthesia options you have. Don’t ever hesitate to let us know your concerns along with your allergies and potential reactions you might have. It’s very important!

What arrangements are made for handling emergencies outside of office hours?

We want the best for you, so keeping you safe even when we aren’t open is something we take seriously.  At your next appointment let us know your questions and concerns. Should you have an emergency, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Is information provided about all fees and payment plans before treatment is scheduled?

Staying informed on all your oral health is important and so is financial awareness. Always be sure to ask about payment options and total costs.

Does the dentist participate in your dental health plan?

If you aren’t a client already, feel free to give us a call (315) 698-6880 with your questions. Every patient is different in his or her health plans so let us help you figure it out.

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