A smile can be your greatest job hunting asset

Making a first impression is important and goes a long way especially when it comes to job interviews. Based on a study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, half of adults remember other people’s smiles after they have been introduced to them. Compare that to these first impressions.

  • 9% will remember what you wore.
  • 38% of a person’s first impression is determined by your tone of voice.
  • 36% respond to the frequent use of their name.

So when it comes down to it, 50% of people basing their first impression on your smile seems like a very high statistic when comparing other things. The study actually proves the quote “the best thing you’ll wear is your smile!”

Although, it does not seem fair for people to make assumptions based on a smile, they do. It important to have knowledge in your corner as well. Having a powerful smile and knowledge will help you take charge of the way people perceive you in professional settings. Even after you’ve nailed your interview and landed the job, your smile can have a direct impact on your salary..How crazy is that?

In another study conducted by an independent research firm, 58% of people with a healthy smile were given larger salaries and even offered higher starting salaries after they had whitened their teeth. The people participating in the study were viewed as more professional and more confident.

Sometimes making a good first impression will help the interviewer be more open to get to know the real you. A smile isn’t really about the how perfect your teeth are but the confidence that shines through and the joy your smile brings.

Smile more! you never know what opportunities it may bring.

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